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Information protection and governance 
consulting for M365 and beyond

When companies buy software as a service, the only lasting asset to manage is the information.  


Effective customer engagement, business operations, and compliance all rely on one thing: effective information management. Organizations use information to add value, minimize risks, reduce costs, and allow the business to identify new opportunities.  


Infotechtion is a global solution and consulting firm specializing in information governance and protection for Microsoft 365 and beyond. Let us help you automate records management with Microsoft Purview and SharePoint Online.


We are based in North America, Europe, UK, and India with global clients in highly regulated industries with up to 300,000 employees. 

Our Services

Our Services


Establish a complete information management strategy to support your digital vision with Microsoft 365.


Develop a compliance program that protects your data, wherever it go using Microsoft 365 compliance features.


Automate records management with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 compliance features.


Data-mapping to fast-track content migration and transformation to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. 

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"When you buy software as a service, then the only lasting asset is the information"

Atle Skjekkeland

CEO of Infotechtion

M365 Compliance Trial

A Microsoft Information Protection & Governance proof-of-concept (PoC) lets you test how to better discover, protect and govern your corporate data in Microsoft 365 and beyond. We will configure the trial based on a set of pre-configured templates for you to try the most powerful Microsoft 365 compliance features to meet your use cases. Learn why the analyst Gartner considers Microsoft the leader in the magic quadrant for content services platforms.

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