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Careers @ Infotechtion

Open Positions in: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Nordics, North America and India

Information Governance Expert

  • You are a leading expert in delivering Records Management, Information Protection and Information Management strategies 

  • You have a 15 years  experience in Microsoft content services including M365 / SharePoint Online / SharePoint

Records, Protection, Metadata, eDiscovery, Compliance, Microsoft 365, Data Privacy, Insider Risk, Business Strategy


Business Change Consultant

  • You are a practitioner who likes to roll up their sleeves and deliver challenging Microsoft 365 adoption programmes

  • You have a minimum of 7 years of experience in Microsoft 365 related business change, training and communications

Education, Business Governance, ADKAR, PROSCI Information Management, Regulatory Compliance


Technical Project Manager

  • You are a leader who is passionate about empowering their team to deliver successful outcomes

  • You have a minimum of 9 years experience in leading projects for blue chip companies and driving adoption of M365

Agile Delivery, SharePoint Delivery, MS Teams , People Management, PMP, Planning, Financial Management

Confident Businesswoman

Azure Data Scientist

  • You are an innovator working with machine learning and automation technologies to solve business problems

  • You have a minimum of 6 years of experience in Azure Machine learning & automation projects

Azure ML, SharePoint Syntex, Viva Topics, Trainable classifiers , Computer Vision, Python, Autoclassification, Enrichment

Portrait of a Woman

Microsoft Functional Analyst

  • You are a creative mind with a passion to make the best use of available technology to support business activities

  • You have a minimum of 7 years experience in Business Analysis, and functional configuration of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint

MS Teams / Site design, Power BI, Data analysis, User Experience Design, business presentations, Power platform

Happy Man

SharePoint & Azure Developer

  • You are a wizard of software engineering who works on cutting edge technologies to cretae innovative tech solutions

  • You have a minimum of 5 years of experience in software development using Microsoft and Azure technologies

Graph API, Azure Functions, React framework, SharePoint Frameworks, PowerShell, UX design, Azure Synapse Analytics


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