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Case Studies

Information governance (IG) strategy  and solution advisory for Energy major 

Industry: Energy

Number of users: 37,000

Services provided:

  • Assessment of information governance issues and risks 

  • Develop new global IG strategy  

  • Proofs-of-concept to identify the right IG solution for Microsoft 365

  • Develop new enterprise metadata model, information lifecycle model, and new governance roles and responsibilities 

  • Implement Microsoft Purview for IG to automate records management with SharePoint Online

  • Migrate 60TB from on-premise solutions to Office 365  

Public Case Study Reference: Microsoft  Customer Stories

Information governance (IG) strategy  and solution advisory for Public Sector agency

Industry: Public Sector

Number of users: 1,800

Services provided:

  • Produce an information architecture design for managing documents and records in SharePoint including template sites, automated site creation, solution for managing emails as records, retention policies, metadata model, access model, solution for HR personnel files, options for reporting, prerequisites for licensing​

  • Produce an information architecture design as the repository for migrated records from the current records management system 

  • Plan for how to transition from where we are now with an existing SharePoint architecture (600 Teams and limited governance) to the new architecture​

  • Change management plan to cover communications stream, pilots and roll out

Public Case Study Reference: Microsoft  Customer Stories

Records Management advisory for a Financial Services major 

Industry: Financial Services

Number of users: 90,000

Services provided:

  • Assessment of proposed solution, identifying gaps in comparison to capabilities available in the Microsoft Purview for IG

  • Solution advisory to ensure the solution provides a framework for record managers to manage and track compliance

  • Identify and recommend best way for SharePoint Online to be WORM compliant 

  • Project delivery roadmap, and ongoing technical advisory

Implementation of a global Information Governance program.

Industry: Energy

Number of users: 80,000

Services provided:

  • Compliance Solution architecture for managing information as records in Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Teams)

  • Design partnership during the multi-year implementation of Microsoft Purview for IG and records management

  • Automated upgrade and deployment of Sharepoint 'Modern user interface' and Microsoft Purview features

  • Migration design for transitioning 70TB of records to SharePoint Online 

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