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Video: Building Your M365 Governance Strategy: What you can do with an E3 License

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The M365 E3 license includes features and opportunities to manage information across Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Exchange and Line of Business (LOB) systems. As an example, you can do document management for Teams, SharePoint, and LOB systems with the E3 license, but records management and machine learning requires an add-on license. Access this video to learn how to best manage M365 information with the E3 license.


  • M365 E3 features and functions for managing and protecting unstructured information

  • Establish the architecture foundation 

  • SharePoint metadata to improve control and search with filtering

  • Teams and SharePoint site templates and provisioning

  • Integrate SharePoint with line of business systems

  • Automatic identification and protection of sensitive information

  • In-context guidance and education of users, e.g. Teams Hub

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