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Stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest developments planned by Microsoft for Information Governance. The content listed on this page reflects our top weekly announcements by Microsoft and curated from Microsoft public roadmap. Stay tuned, we will also share our feedback as we validate and implement these features for our customers. You can also access the complete Information governance roadmap

New retention engine for SPO

Description: New retention engine for SharePoint Online, which addresses the challenges with large tenants or tenants that must process a large volume of data. It will also enhance reliability and SLAs for retention.

Retention policies for Yammer

Description: Microsoft is bringing the support for managing retention policies to Yammer. This update will integrate the Yammer connected with Office365 groups or otherwise known as native Office365 Yammer groups.



Description: Provides customers the ability to declare items in SharePoint Online as regulatory items. These labels are more stringent label vs record labels. Targeted to financial services or other industries that have WORM compliance requirements.

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