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Fast-Track the Adoption

Fast-track your implementation of Microsoft Information Governance to automate records management with SharePoint Online.

The key to records management with SharePoint Online is Microsoft Information Governance / Advanced Data Governance (ADG). Large Infotechtion clients are already using ADG to simplify and automate records management across Microsoft 365 based on content, metadata, and/or machine learning. The adoption of ADG requires planning. For example:

  • Automatic or on-request site provisioning to define site owner, business area, security classification, etc.

  • Site directory for reporting since content search is just for content

  • Master data values for term store to connect data and content

  • Manuel labelling or auto-apply policies based on content, metadata, or machine learning

  • AssetID and triggers for event-based retention

  • Disposition review process with site directory to provide context


Infotechtion is one of the leading consulting firms with a proven track record of automating records management with SharePoint Online using ADG for large and highly regulated clients.

  • We are Microsoft partners, and since 2013, one of the leading consulting firms pioneering the design of Microsoft Office 365 compliance features roadmap and making it relevant to our global clients. 

  • Our team is proud to be the pathfinders, to have successfully transitioned several large and global enterprises to modern automated information governance standards and ADG in Microsoft 365. 

  • We work closely with Microsoft Engineering to define and improve Microsoft information governance and protection offerings for Microsoft 365 and beyond.


One of our global clients in a highly regulated industry with almost 40,000 users assessed several of the leading content management systems for the best approach to manage information in Microsoft 365 and beyond. Microsoft Office 365 Compliance was the clear winner as it was native and the most integrated of all the solutions. This allows for “compliance by design” to embed compliance into the Microsoft cloud platform. Users continue to work with information (e.g. tag a file as an NDA, business workflows), and the system provides compliance by applying the right retention and disposition automatically. Records management is then automated in SharePoint Online.


Another global and highly regulated client with over 80,000 users has already come to this conclusion. Microsoft 365 is the new corporate content and records management system. They have now replaced both OpenText and HP with Microsoft 365 – which has improved access and significantly reduced their operating costs. As an example, the annual cost of a leading content management system for 2,000 staff often costs more than Microsoft ADG for 20,000 staff.

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