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Information Management Compliance

Protect information in Microsoft 365 and beyond

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements. But first, you need to know what data you have, where it is, how it’s being used, and compliance risks that may exist.

  • Do you have a strategy for protecting and managing sensitive and business critical information?

  • Do you know where your business critical and sensitive information resides and what is being done with it?

  • Do you have control of this information as it travels inside and outside of your organization?

  • Are you using multiple solutions to classify, label, and protect this information?


The Infotechtion Compliance Assessment gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect and govern your corporate data. Deliverables include: 

  • Compliance Check report that includes findings and insights from the automated discovery process 

  • List of actionable recommendations and suggestions for improved mitigation and governance 

  • Detailed assessment of your IT and compliance priorities and initiatives 

  • Clear look into Microsoft’s approach to compliance and how it relates to your organization 

  • Hands-on opportunity to experience what integrated compliance looks like, including the latest tools and methods 

  • Set of long-term recommendations on your compliance strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps. This will include recommendations for automating compliance and records management with SharePoint Online and Office 365 compliance features. 


The Compliance Assessment for Microsoft Cloud costs from $5,000 + vat and travel, but Microsoft may be willing to cover the workshop fees. The price for a broader analysis, including all on premise and cloud sources, and a wider and deeper analysis depends on the scope.


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