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Data Mapping, Transformation, and Migration

Fast-track the migration from on-premise systems to a secure and compliant platform

Enterprises need to free their company´s future from the pull of the past. Technical debt needs to be reduced or eliminated, and information locked down in legacy silos needs to be migrated and managed in a future-proof platform reducing or eliminating the need for future migrations. This will not only reduce your operational risks and costs, but it is a necessity for meeting GDPR and other data privacy requirements for data minimization and storage limitation.


The Infotechtion Data Mapping and Strategy service helps you fast-track the migration and transformation from network shared drives, fileservers, SharePoint on-premise, and legacy ECM systems to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

  • Identify and inventory what types of information reside in different repositories

  • Understand available destination locations based on functional criteria that map to source data use cases

  • Establish high level classifications of content (High, Med, Low value/risk)

  • Build a transition plan based on priority, cost, availability, risk. Map content to destination

The Data Mapping can be automated using machine learning and artificial intelligence:


The benefits of a Data Mapping and Strategy engagement include strategic and operational level benefits, but the real value resides in being able to reduce the amount of information that needs to be acted upon.  Review actions include migration, record classification accuracy, privacy compliance, such as a Data Subject Access Review for GDPR, and even litigation response.  


  • Visibility into highest value corporate assets

  • Optimize litigation, investigation and migration efforts

  • Alignment with strategic goals, stakeholders and regulators


  • Focussed on real tasks than manual migration

  • Ability to manage real threatsand issues from attack

  • Consistency and repeatability


  • 80% reduction in content needing review

  • 10x speed increase in review and migration process

  • Compressed response times

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