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Video: How to improve data privacy and protection with Microsoft 

Proactively identify and protect information against privacy risks, such as data hoarding, problematic data transfers, and data oversharing.

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Video: Best practices for Microsoft Purview Information Protection and DLP

Learn how to best classify and protect your data.


eBook: Optimizing the Automated Governance Capabilities of Microsoft 365

Get insights from 200 organizations with expert commentary.

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eBook: Microsoft 365 Deployment Guide

Best practices and recommendations on cloud deployment.


Learn how to plan your cloud deployment and user adoption using this guide.This eBook provides a consolidated point of view on considerations for your M365 deployment with integrated governance. 


Video: Establish a Strategy for Information Protection and Privacy for M365 and beyond

Automate how you discover, classify, and proactively protect sensitive information

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AI for Migrations

Cheaper, faster, and smarter file shares migrations with Azure Auto-Classification.

Learn how to maximize M365 governance with the E3 license.


Video: Automate M365 governance with new Microsoft machine learning and AI

Learn how to leverage new Microsoft machine learning and AI to automate information governance and records management.


Building Your M365 Governance Strategy:

Holistic Compliance Framework


Compliance Framework

Address regulatory and compliance mandates holistically using information governance technologies

Learn how to leverage different technologies to provide the appropriate intelligence and effective controls to know what regulatory data you have, where it resides, and what protections need to be enhanced to optimize security.



Teams Hub 

Automate Microsoft Teams provisioning and apply templates, naming, security, taxonomy, and compliance controls

Teams hub is an open-source product from Infotechtion built on Microsoft power platform to accelerate governance deployment and ongoing operational governance in Microsoft 365.



Microsoft Teams

– how to get control when already deployed without control?

Learn how Microsoft Information Protection and Governance can manage and secure conversations and files in Microsoft Teams. Get lessons learned by Microsoft, early adopters, and Infotection experts. 


Video: Microsoft Records Management

Microsoft has just officially released Records Management for Microsoft 365 (M365) using retention and record labels, and Infotechtion has already implemented this at several large and highly regulated enterprises. Access the video to get an overview of relevant functionality and get lessons learned by early adopters.

Information Governance Strategy Template

eBook: Information Governance Strategy

Information Governance seeks to meet the needs of the total organization (line of business, IT, and Compliance) with optimized information management practices. Download this ebook to get a template for establishing an Information Governance Strategy.

Planning Records Management with SharePoint Online

eBook: Planning

Records Management with SharePoint Online

Learn how to plan and configure SharePoint Online with Record Labels to meet your business and legal requirements without the use of 3rd party IT solutions.

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eBook: Transforming Network Shared Drives for Microsoft 365

Get a 5-step migration plan from shared drives to Microsoft 365

Information Governance and Protection fo

eBook: Infotechtion Governace & Protection for Microsoft Cloud

Effective customer engagement, business operations, and compliance all rely on one thing: effective information management. Learn how Infotechtion can ensure information and records management in Office 365. 

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eBook: An Information Governance Roadmap

Learn lessons learnt by leading IT visionaries from the Digital Value Institute - a CXO think-tank to fast-track the digital learning curve.

  1. Define Outcomes and Capabilities

  2. Save Space for Serendipity

  3. Have a Specific Plan to Drive Participation

  4. Build Comprehensive Governance

  5. Set the Right Foundations

Modernize & Deploy compliance labels in

eBook: Modernize and Deploy Retention Labels in Office 365

As organizations embark on transition to SharePoint online and Microsoft Information governance, a key step in the journey is adoption of SharePoint Online Modern User interface. 

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