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Trial Microsoft Purview Data Governance 

We provide a self-service approach to validation of the key information governance use cases, in a test environment hosted in Microsoft 365, and pre-configured by Infotechtion experts.

We will configure the trial based on a set of pre-configured templates for you to try the most powerful M365 features to meet your use cases. Learn why the analyst Gartner considers Microsoft the leader in the magic quadrant for content services platforms.

Key Highlights:

1. Configured proof-of-concept tenant with the test data for 40 days

2. The required Microsoft Purview licenses for the trial period

3. Establish a business case for change based on evidence

4. Pre-configured Infotechtion Advanced Records Management solution to extend Purview to Azure Files and Blob storage

How Does it Work?

As our environments are already configured with personas, scenarios, test data, and Information governance controls, we significantly accelerate the validation of common scenarios across customers. You will have access to an expert during trial period for guidance and support the development of trial outcomes and business case for change.


Why Infotechtion?

We are Pathfinders in successfully transitioning several large and global enterprises to modern automated information governance standards in Microsoft 365.

M365 Compliance Proof of Concept

Success Stories

A global customer in a highly regulated industry leveraged our services to validate Microsoft Information Governance against leading products.

  • Microsoft was the clear winner based on the early trials, but not all data was suitable for Microsoft365.

  • Customer established a trial of Microsoft Purview together with Infotechtion i-ARM for establishing Data governance across M365 and Azure storage.

  • The trial was agile and focussed on key customer use cases with the following benefits:

    • 'Archiving by design' to configure records management policies centrally and classify information based on when users describe what they work on (e.g. tag a file as NDA)

    • Significant cost savings in otherwise 6-month proof-of-concept using traditional methods

    • Significant acceleration by trial of the use cases in a separate Microsoft 365 tenant pre-configured by Infotechtion using templates 

    • Business case built with the confidence of having key scenarios tested by customer user group

    • Predictability to a rather complex adoption through validation of  business change impact of the new market standard product

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