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3 Tips for Information governance in Microsoft Teams

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

We have seen an interesting inflection point with regards to what's going on in the world related to significant digital transformation and increased remote working as the new normal for collaboration.

This has people thinking about the platform benefits which has the multifaceted content capability for remote working. Microsoft 365 is increasingly luring people into thinking about a holistic way of thinking about information, as people/enterprises are looking for a tool to connect remotely.

Microsoft Teams provide this single-window into a holistic way of remotely connecting and working with people and information, but if we are not careful this rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams also represents a real governance challenge downstream. Hence as organizations are rapidly adopting teams, this presents a unique opportunity in this industry to get ahead of the curve and implement Teams together with embedded information governance controls.

In the following video, I am sharing 3 recommendations based on lessons learned from recent Teams implementations for some of Infotechtion customers adopting Teams in a highly regulated environment.

Microsoft Information governance enables you to protect your important information in Microsoft Teams. Read more about Microsoft information governance in Teams or contact us to learn options to accelerate your adoption of Microsoft Teams.

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