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Adaptive Policy Scopes - M365 Retention

If you follow the latest announcements from the Microsoft Information Governance product team, then you must have already heard about a new feature in the Microsoft Information governance and retention management solutions space. Its called the Adaptive Policy Scopes.

We have been a part of the preview program and have been testing this amazing feature. Adaptive policy scopes allow you to automate, scoping of the locations of your label policies and retention policies based on certain criteria.

For example, one of the ways we have already started using it is to publish a specific retention label via an adaptive retention label policy to all sites that are of the type "Project". Now, how would one go about tagging sites with this metadata? We were already using site property bags (indexed) for this purpose. We need to map these property bag attributes to RefinableStrings so that search is able to pick them up.

Earlier, each time a site was provisioned we would have to write custom scripts to add such sites to the retention label policy already in place for such sites.