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Automate Information Governance in M365 with Approvals Workflows

This is an exciting time to be in the world of Microsoft 365 with multiple innovations coming together to improve the value proposition of the enterprise information. This is a broad topic, so I want to focus on very specific elements that you can leverage quickly to help your business with information classification.

In this example, we focus on leveraging Teams / SharePoint Approvals to automatically apply retention labels.

Watch this short video to learn a complete user experience regards to document approval scenarios, and which can also be used by Compliance administrators to match with retention categories and automatically apply retention/record labels based on the 'Sign off status' which changes automatically based on the built-in approval features.

As shown in the video, for specific approval scenarios the governance integration is seamless to end-users. You can let users focus on what they do best, collaborate and make informed decisions, and let the system automatically act based on the signals and insights.

About Infotechtion

When companies buy software as a service, the only lasting asset to manage is the information. Effective customer engagement, business operations, and compliance all rely on one thing: effective information management. Organizations use the information to add value, minimize risks, reduce costs, and allow the business to identify new opportunities. Infotechtion is a Microsoft Gold Partner consulting firm specializing in Content services to improve information discovery, classification, and governance. Infotechtion combines Microsoft’s leading product innovations across Content Services, Compliance, and Information Protection into a single framework to deliver value out of information.


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