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Automate Information Governance with M365 approval workflows

Updated: May 25, 2021

This is an exciting time for organisations working with Microsoft 365: multiple innovations are rapidly following and being integrated with each other to improve the business value of information.

In this blog, we specifically focus on using Teams / SharePoint Approvals to automatically apply Retention Labels.

Watch the following short video to get an idea of the user experience when working with document approval scenarios. These scenarios can also be used by Compliance Administrators to match retention categories and automatically apply retention/record labels based on the 'sign-off status' that automatically changes based on the built-in approval feature.

As shown in the video, governance integration can be seamlessly applied to specific approval scenarios for end users. Users can focus on what they do best, collaborate and make informed decisions, while the system automatically takes actions based on the signals and insights.

About Infotechtion

When organisations buy software as a service, 'information' remains as the only asset to be managed. That information is used to add value, minimise risk, reduce costs and enable the organisation to identify new opportunities. Effective customer retention, operations and compliance all depend on one thing: effective information management.

Infotechtion is a Microsoft Gold Partner consulting firm specializing in Content Services to improve the discoverability, classification and management of information. Infotechtion combines Microsoft's leading product innovations in Content Services, Compliance and Information Protection into a single framework to optimize value from information.


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