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Automate Workspace Creation with M365 Hub

In the era of automation we see that quite a number of organization are still relying on traditional manual approach of creating SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams. With adoption of Microsoft 365 growing exponentially, workspace provisioning becomes a critical factor.

Creating sites or teams can be broken down to two parts one is the pre creation where the admin needs to work with end users and collate requirements, the second being the post configuration which includes adding properties, content types, templates and much more. Administrators are usually tasked to perform the above activities in a tightly documented steps and perform the exact same configuration for each new workspace requested. This is a time consuming process and prone to errors if one step is missed. Further any manual approach always puts the pressure on humans to always feed in the right data and any accidental mis keying would result in inconsistency with the whole process.

What is Workspace provisioning:

Provisioning means automating the creation and configuring process, and workspace means collaboration such as a SharePoint site or a Microsoft Teams. Provisioning can be a simple or a complex process based on the business requirements. Whether you are building a SharePoint site for internal use like an intranet or using Microsoft Teams for a project you need to maintain a standard approach and workspaces should be created as per the organization rules. Automated provisioning helps you achieve them.

Some of the benefits using the automated approach.

  1. Avoids site sprawl

  2. Reduces the amount of manual work

  3. Decreases burden for Administrators

  4. Standardized process ensuring governance rules are applied

  5. Provides consistency with creating new Sites / MS Teams

Ok, I’m sold to the idea of provisioning. Now what?

The Infotechtion M365 Hub empower users to automatically apply Hub association, Standard / Custom design templates, Security Settings, Naming Conventions, Content Type, default views to libraries, Compliance Controls and Settings and Retention ​Policies when creating a new Team or SharePoint Site. This ensures any new sites / teams are created with consistent governance and automate the tasks currently performed manually by Administrators.

Here's what it provides

  1. An Interaction screen for users to create a request with required metadata.

  2. Duplication and mandatory field check before request submission.

  3. Integrated with workflow to control and ensure only approved workspaces are created.

  4. The automation engine uses the submitted form to create a Site, MS Teams and adds additional configurations (Owner, Hub, Navigation, Content Types, etc.).

  5. Information captured as metadata from the request form helps with applying compliance controls and manage the sites in future.

  6. Permission controlled screens.

  7. Future ready - Solution is flexible and scalable with ease to introduce new functionality to keep up with the trends of tomorrow.

If you are still unsure and need more information, we strongly recommend you to reach Infotechtion team to Book a Demo |


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