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Build a privacy-secure organization with Microsoft 365 Data Privacy Management

With increasing and complex regulations for securing personal data, privacy and securing organizational data in the years ahead will be one of the most important tasks for most companies.

According to IDC (, 80% of all global information will be unstructured by the year 2025. Some large organizations have already reached critical mass, and most organizations have no understanding of how to take control of the amount of information in the organization.

Microsoft 365 Data Privacy Management uses AI continuously to identify where privacy-related and personal data is stored in your organization. Based on these findings, an aggregated view of the organizations' privacy holdings is updated; number, category, and location of private data as well as associated privacy risks and trends over time.

Privacy Management in Microsoft 365 includes built-in templates that can be customized to establish automated jobs that are tailored to identify the following scenarios:

Overexposed personal data: Discover personal data that is openly available in your organization and prioritize remediation measures to secure it. Easily manage access rights to your information to tighten privacy and prevent inappropriate use.

Data transfers: Detect and manage the transfer of personal or other sensitive information between departments within your organization or across national or regional borders. This can help reduce the risk of data exposure.

Data cleanup: Identify personal data that does not need to be kept by the organization and prioritize remediation measures to delete this data.

Microsoft 365 Data Privacy Management will help your organization gain visibility into storing and moving personal information but also empower information workers to make smart decisions about handling this information. It will also enable users to efficiently manage data and take steps to comply with ever-changing privacy regulations.


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