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Digital Transformation at Warp Speed

Updated: May 24, 2020

Digital transformation at warp speed

On an earning’s call a week ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted that during April, driven by the need for organizations to quickly come up with a remote working and collaboration platform, the Teams platform added 31 million new daily users – in a single month.

To put the hockey stick nature of that number in perspective…

04/29/2020 -- 75 million active daily users

03/18/2020 -- 44 million active daily users

03/11/2020 -- 32 million active daily users

11/19/2019 -- 20 million active daily users

According to Business Insider:

On the call, Nadella highlighted that healthcare and educational institutions using Teams, saying in healthcare there were more than 34 million Teams meetings in the past month and that over 183,000 educational institutions are using the tool. He highlighted a few large customers who are using Teams including the NFL, which used it for its draft and Accenture which is the first organization to surpass 500,000 users on Teams.