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Discover your data risks with a free Compliance Workshop?

Data growth is exponential, and with the proliferation of new types - from texts to images to IoT - organizational information is hard to contain. Discovering and managing that information can be very challenging.

#1 Protecting and governing sensitive data is biggest concern in complying with regulations*

As a Microsoft partner, we are delighted to offer you a Compliance Workshop, endorsed by Microsoft, to provide you with insights to help you better discover, protect and govern your corporate data.

Workshop highlights:

This on-site engagement is spread out over several weeks to allow Compliance Check time to run on top of your cloud infrastructure  and surface data risks within your organization. Compliance Check leverages automated Microsoft 365 tools and services to discover data stored in the Microsoft cloud and identify potential problem areas.​

​The automated discovery process will analyze your existing data for:​

  • Sensitive information and intellectual property​

  • Unused or “stale” data​