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Discoveries Under a Terabyte

Hopefully, you are aware that Infotechtion is able to provide Microsoft Compliance Workshops to help you understand the impact of M365 retention and security capabilities. We also have our own expanded version of this workshop as well that involves a deeper look at content not currently residing in M365. This can be scoped to include content from a variety of sources such as email systems, cloud environments, and most importantly shared drives. An expanded content assessment is intended to identify issues or opportunities in the way information is currently managed in unstructured repositories. If scoped to a sample set of data, it is not necessarily intended to find and identify every single instance of every problem throughout the enterprise. If a data set to be assessed is too large, or too unfocused in purpose, the time needed to index, analyze, and report will grow without an equal increase in the value of the information gathered. We recommend selecting a sample data set of around a terabyte, with some forethought. A single terabyte of word documents, if printed, will require around 5,500 4-drawer file cabinets - about the size of half a soccer field. A sample set of shared drive data of this size will provide significant compliance findings that can often be extrapolated to the enterprise:

  • The type of sensitive personal data being captured in your organization. Examples include location, identification, religion, political affiliation, financial data, or photographs