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Finding and Protecting the Crown Jewels - A Compliance Framework

Information Governance seems to manifest itself in multiple separate projects managed under a single roof. It is better than silos, but still not completely integrated. M365 strategies, for example, may not touch paper file management, which may not touch GDPR, which may not touch long term archival information.

I wanted to put together a high-level approach, based on a couple of real-life examples, that brings cybersecurity and breach-response into the same program structure as shared drive analysis and cleanup, with a dash of records management, and PII hunting.

The goal, in part, is to leverage tools and practices you may already have in place, but for multiple purposes. I refer in this ebook to file analysis tools (also called file indexing and auto-classification or eDiscovery or data discovery) and cloud-based governance tools like M365.

Download it here.

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