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Microsoft Information Governance Leading Content Services Platform

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Microsoft information protection and governance release is the latest example of Microsoft moving towards comprehensive and consistent content services. The shift is also reflected in Gartner's magic quadrant, the technology segment was some years ago known as Enterprise Content Management, and Microsoft has really improved their position when comparing the Magic Quadrant from 2016 with the new one in 2019.

In this short video, Infotechtion CTO, Vivek Bhatt talks about the key to Microsoft success and the key ingredient which makes Microsoft 365 a viable platform for Information governance.

For most organizations, Microsoft Office 365 (M365) is now where work happens. Organizations have then three options for managing important documents and records created or received in M365:

  1. Buy an M365 connector for their existing legacy ECM system, e.g. OpenText, Alfresco, IBM

  2. Replace their existing ECM system with a new ECM add-on, e.g. AvePoint, RecordPoint, Gimmal

  3. Replace the legacy ECM system with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Information Governance

I believe that the first two options should only be considered if you can´t meet your requirements with option 3. The future is cloudy, and the key to digital transformation is to have secure and compliant platforms that the business can use to quickly develop digital initiatives. Investing more in a content silo will often not be a future-proof strategy, something which leading organizations seem to agree and leading the way in adoption of Microsoft information governance to provide built-in compliance.

What next?

If information governance is important to your organization, contact us to get help running a Microsoft E5 Information Protection & Governance proof-of-concept for replacing your legacy ECM system. Do this before you invest more time and money upgrading your existing legacy ECM system.

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