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Microsoft 365 Records Management deep-dive with Microsoft Engineering

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The key to a successful business is to have a well kept and organized information governance framework. Information chaos leads to cerebral pains and clutter, making it troublesome to preserve a productive working environment.

A well-maintained record administration handle makes a difference and helps businesses stay compliant with record-keeping controls, avoid security dangers, improve overall workflow and productivity.

This video blog contains in-depth insights from Nick Robinson, Senior Programme Manager at Microsoft engineering about Microsoft Records management product features and future roadmap to continuously enrich Microsoft 365 with built-in Records management and information governance capabilities.

Learn how the system works and can elevate your business growth.

Infotechtion can help you drive the Information Governance (IG) adoption journey through simplified user experience (UX) and seamless automation. Book a demo with us to 'see in action' and learn about other customer success stories regards to the implementation of records management in Microsoft 365 using Unified retention labels and other Office 365 compliance features.


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