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Information Governance - plan training to change behaviours

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

At the core of Information Governance is the need for change management -- the need to deeply embed governance practices, disciplines, and behaviours in the organization. To achieve this, training design and delivery needs to address Hermann Ebbinghous´ “Forgetting Curve” to ensure that new knowledge is retained and applied. If not, attendees may only remember 30% of the training after 30 days. 

Based on our extensive experience with developing and delivering training program for clients, we have identified the following success criteria for training:

  • Relevant – attendees find the training relevant for their job

  • Useful – attendees find the training useful for doing their job

  • Memorable – attendees find it easy to remember the training

  • Practical – attendees find it easy to use the newly acquired knowledge

Information Governance Traning

We achieve this by focusing our training design on:

  • Outcome – agree with stakeholders the behaviours that should change

  • Personas – segment the audience based on personas to ensure relevant and useful training

  • Engaging – make the course memorable, fun, interactive, and enable attendees to also learn from each other

  • Repetitive – first educate attendees in the why, then the how, and then require them to do it during the training

  • Applicable – make it easy to remember and use the new knowledge with hands-on exercises, checklists, and on-demand repetition

  • Measurable – define key performance metrics to identify how well the training changes behaviours

Feel free to contact us if you need help developing effective training for your organization.

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