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Infotechtion is pleased to announce our participation in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Infotechtion delivers Microsoft Information Governance (MIG) to automate corporate and public sector information governance to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their security and compliance products with Microsoft’s to better defend against a world of increasing threats. Its mission is to provide better security for our shared customers by integrating across the security ecosystem to share signals, increase visibility and better protect against threats.

Infotechtion Information Governance Services help Microsoft clients like Equinor that have large user-bases and massive volumes of information strategically use Microsoft Compliance capabilities to meet information management mandates. Infotechtion’s global clients understand the need for records management, sensitive data identification and labels, and autoclassification, but need the help to determine strategies and approaches for the next steps to optimize the capabilities.

“Global organizations are exceptionally good at creating mountains of unstructured content that fail to meet corporate level requirements for compliance. We help clients align Microsoft capabilities with their business strategies.”
- Atle Skjekkeland, CEO, Infotechtion

Some common indicators of a lack of governance include siloed and conflicting metadata structures or naming conventions, uncontrolled growth of sites or unused content volumes, dangerous external sharing of confidential or sensitive data, and a chronic lack of management support for innovation because of a lack of vision. The governance controls to address these problems require a good fit with the client’s culture and IG maturity, and visibility into the content.

“Microsoft compliance solutions help organizations intelligently assess risk, govern and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements. Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, like Infotechtion offer solutions that benefit from Microsoft’s rich extensibility scenarios for compliance to adapt, extend, integrate, and accelerate member solutions for our shared customers.”
-Hammad Raijoub, director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Compliance

About Infotechtion

Infotechtion is a vendor-independent consulting company specializing in information governance and protection for M365 and beyond. Our vision is to be a global advisory-of-choice for companies and organizations who desire holistic integrated information Governance maximizing the value of M365.

We are a Microsoft partner and have registered offices and staff in United Kingdom, India, Norway, Netherlands, and the United States. Our clients include global companies, often operating in highly regulated industries. We work closely with Microsoft Engineering to define and improve Microsoft information governance and protection offerings for Microsoft 365 and beyond. We do NOT resell software.

Our team is proud to be the pathfinders, to have successfully transitioned a number of large and global enterprises to modern automated information governance standards in Microsoft 365.

  • Infotechtion US | 925 640 9724

  • Infotechtion EU | +47 9947 1847

  • Infotechtion UK | +44 78061354703

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