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What is Microsoft Project Nucleus?

Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper introduced the latest innovation on Microsoft SharePoint online platform called Project Nucleus. Read more about it in this blogpost by my colleague and friend Per Sivertsen - Project Nucleus is alive!

Project Nucleus will bring the boost of performance and reliability of web applications to SharePoint online. The new technology will power the next generation of web applications and custom portals developed on the Microsoft SharePoint online platform.

The core technology is built around the ability to cache web content on local machines delivering significant improvements in performance. This isn't just caching of the data, but continuous synch of changes to the local cache leveraging the technology which has made Onedrive synch a success story for Microsoft.

What is the biggest draw of this announcement?

  • Users will be able to build complex SharePoint lists and have a 'throttle free' experience

  • Activities such as 'column sorting' 'grouping and filtering of data' will now be possible at a much greater performance

  • All changes will be synced to the local cache and hence making offline work also possible

The fact that people can work offline is a big improvement and I would argue essential with the increasing remote working here to stay for a long time.

Feel free to contact me at for any follow-up questions on this latest announcement.


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