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M365 for collaboration and records management for 37,000 users

Microsoft just published a case study about how the global energy company Equinor has standardized on Microsoft 365 (M365) for both collaboration and records management. Press link to access the case study, and it was an honor to work with them on this project.

Some quotes from the case study:

  • "Equinor tested many of the leading solutions in the records management space against several use cases. We felt that Microsoft Information Governance was the best approach, and verified our decision with several POCs." - Atle Skjekkeland: CEO, Infotechtion

  • "Ease of use was the driver for this project. We’re using Microsoft Information Governance as part of our drive toward a new way of working and creating a culture of managing information." - Gry Kristin Slettemark, Principal Analyst Information Management, Equinor

  • "Microsoft Information Governance helps us achieve compliance by design." - Atle Skjekkeland: CEO, Infotechtion

  • "As we continue our journey, we’re looking forward to continually making information search and retrieval easier." - Ann Karin Viksund: Project Manager for Business Support Projects

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