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Microsoft's Tech-intensity leading Information Compliance in the Cloud

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Microsoft’s recent ‘all –round’ shift in the Gartner report to leader's quadrant in ‘content services’ and ‘archiving’ is no surprise in the cloud community. There has been a decade worth of technology and market initiatives led by Microsoft to create a unified vision for providing compliance ‘baked into their platform’, and deliver a secure, compliant interaction with information managed in Microsoft cloud.

Only a few years ago, most companies would not consider Microsoft O365 alone suitable to meet requirements for records management. However, the integration of security and compliance features (known as ‘Advanced Data Governance’) in Microsoft product stack has made it possible for organisations to manage information risks and associated business decisions effectively.

This is an exciting partnership between Microsoft, services partners and customers as we enable adoption of ‘defensible and effective’ management of rapidly growing information landscape, and ever-changing regulatory obligations across multiple geographies.

Information Landscape is changing rapidly

By 2025, 70% of organisations already using Office 365 will be actively using Microsoft compliance suite to manage information and record lifecycle in its system of origin (in-place).

Compliance programmes are more likely to be successful through a ‘user centric’ approach to manage the adoption. A well thought through roadmap which includes robust ‘information architecture’, metadata schema’, and ‘compliance policies’ framework is essential to simplify the business transformation activities. Automated methods (machine learning, auto discovery etc) of information classification are becoming more credible and important factors in minimising the user burden (in collaborating and managing compliance) as they bring / create new information into the system.

Read and learn about starting a compliance programme leveraging Microsoft Office 365 in my next blog post.

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