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Microsoft Teams Governance extends to Teams recordings

Microsoft Teams meetings when recorded are stored by default to Microsoft Stream. Most organisations also have an increasing need to apply governance especially consistent sharing and retention policies.

As stream is not integrated with Microsoft governance features, this provides a fragmented governance experience for Teams administrators and users.

Organisations can now change this behaviour by configuring Teams to store Teams recordings in one drive for business and Teams files (Sharepoint Online).

The benefits are as follows:

  • Apply metadata to Teams recordings

  • Consistent Search experience of Teams files, chats, and recordings

  • Retention policies / Records management for Teams meeting recording (TMR) (S+C E5 autoretention labels)

  • Benefit from OneDrive for Business and SharePoint information governance

  • Easy to set permissions and sharing, consistent file sharing experience

  • Share recordings with guests (external users) with explicit share only

  • Request access flow

  • Provide OneDrive for Business and SharePoint shared links

  • Increased quota

  • Meeting recordings are available faster

  • Go local tenant support

  • Multi-geo support – recordings are stored in a region specific to that user

  • Bring your own key (BYOK) support

  • Improved Transcript quality and speaker attribution

Once the setting is enabled, the following Changes will occur to Teams recordings

  • Meetings scheduled in Teams channels will be stored in Teams files

  • Non channel / private meetings will be stored in One drive for Business

Following limitations will be visible in the early release, but stay toned for Microsoft Roadmap updates:

  • There will be English-only closed captions and transcripts.

  • You won't be able to search transcripts or their content.

  • You won’t be able to edit the transcripts, but you'll be able to toggle captions off/on.

  • You'll not get an email when the recording finishes saving, but the recording will appear in the meeting chat once it’s finished.

Trial Microsoft 365 Governance with Infotechtion

We provide a self-service approach to validation of the key information governance use cases integrated with Office 365 compliance, in a test environment hosted in Microsoft 365, and

pre-configured by Infotechtion experts.

Key Highlights:

1. Configured proof-of-concept tenant with the test data for 40 days

2. The required Microsoft E5 licenses for the trial period

3. Establish a business case for change based on evidence

Our approach is highly effective and is proven to be 10x faster and cost-efficient than traditional approaches to test Office 365 compliance features. Find out how we can help, by registering on


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