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O365 Ongoing Program Accelerators

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

In my last post, I discussed the value and importance of looking at your data to determine your strategy, cost benefit and deployment plans for O365. Another way to look at this is through the following diagram with a simple set of accelerator questions around the outside. Mike 2.0 is an open source methodology for planning ECM systems. The foundational steps in blue are what we discussed previously.

The point is that making strategic and foundational decisions about your ECM or any IG program can be based on stakeholder interviews, or it can also be supplemented by actual data. Indexing your data with file analytics provides the insights necessary to compensate for biases, memories, strange perceptions, and other factors that get in the way of a good strategy.

After the strategy and design steps comes implementation, as you can see in the diagram. The program steps on the right are the implementation and migration steps that can also be accelerated, and another area where a data map or index can substantially accelerate the process. The next step in the methodology is to migrate your data to O365 to gain the benefits of ADG compliance and protection capabilities.

For each site or collection in an ongoing deployment, you will want to know what can be migrated, what content need particular protection for privacy or regulation, what should be left behind or deleted, what terms and metadata are common and how to tag or label EACH document when you migrate it to maximize your value.

Finally, when you are done, it is a simple process to audit your compliance on an ongoing basis to see if all necessary content is being captured and labeled correctly, or is it being stored in multiple location, inside and outside of governance.

If this deployment planning discussion resonates with you, please reach out and we can discuss.


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