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Physical Records Management with SharePoint Online

Many organizations have physical records stored in-house or at storage vendors like Iron Mountain. To manage the records, they have often built or bought a solution to manage and track the physical records. This is often a stand-alone-solution not connected to corporate search or existing content management systems, which makes it difficult for the business to find physical records for new knowledge and insights.

Physical records management

For organizations that have standardized on Microsoft 365 for collaboration and records management, we have a framework to quickly develop a paper records management app on Microsoft 365 providing a simple method to manage physical record inventory as records with integrated disposition workflows leveraging Microsoft information governance capabilities. This includes the following features:

  • Capture physical record metadata (SharePoint browser and mobile)

  • Capture barcode of physical record boxes and associate with physical records

  • Apply retention labels to manage physical records with disposition workflows

  • Scan paper records and convert them into digital documents

  • Microsoft search-based capabilities to find physical records

  • Apply security controls to manage access to paper record information

  • Future integration with Project Cortex to extract information from semi / structured paper records as SharePoint metadata

  • Additional workflows for managing check-in/out workflows and track paper record location/status

The benefits of this include:

  • Integrate physical records inventory with your electronic records in SharePoint Online and leverage existing retention labels

  • Reduce the cost of managing and hosting physical records, use the solution to manage and digitize paper records where possible

  • Create knowledge out of physical records by indexing them in Microsoft 365 and integrate with rest of the organization knowledge

  • Manage Compliance risks by demonstrating records compliance and eDiscovery of indexed physical records

Contact us if you want to learn more about this.


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