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Retention for Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online

An important M365 design decision is to determine if all information should have a lifecycle, not just records. Research by the Compliance Governance & Oversight Council found that in average, 25% of information has business value, 5% is subject to regulatory record keeping requirements, 2% is subject to legal hold, and 68% is redundant, outdated, and trivial (ROT). Applying retention for non-business and regulatory records will reduce your ROT, which will reduce search results clutter, reduce storage requirements, and reduce your eDiscovery or FOIA costs. Information Governance is therefore the first and important step i the EDRM reference model for effective search, investigations, and eDiscovery.

EDRM Reference Model

Before implementing retention for ROT and non-records in M365, you need to ensure that you have a good way to classify and manage records.