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SharePoint Syntex and Information Governance - Better Together

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Microsoft has announced its first product based on Project Cortex that will be available for all commercial customers from October 1, 2020. It's called the SharePoint Syntex.

SharePoint Syntex uses AI to organize content. It lets users build no-code AI models that can be trained by users themselves. Syntex then uses these models to automatically extract information as metadata.

The SharePoint Syntex content center is the place where you build these document understanding models. You add sample files for your model, train the classifier, add entity extractors.

Now coming to the best part, you can also add pre-defined Retention Labels. This enables the document to be classified the moment the model runs on the document in the library. Although it won't be immediately available, Microsoft has also announced the integration of sensitivity labels in a similar manner.

You can then choose to publish the model to the library. New content types, columns, and views will be created in the library as well.

This is how SharePoint Syntex transforms content into knowledge and helps automate most of the work knowledge workers spend hours doing manually.

Try Syntex experience through this Click through demonstration of the key capabilities.

SharePoint syntex is a great thing to watch out for, especially for its automated information and security governance integrations.

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