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Two Ways to Get Started with M365 Information Protection & Governance: Compliance Assessment or PoC

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Many organizations know they need to better protect and govern information in Microsoft Office 365 (M365), but struggle finding the time and resources to address this. If you think you have a problem today, then delaying taking action will increase the effort to address the issue. Data is exploding at an exponential rate, which means more data chaos to address in the future if you don´t establish a framework to address it. Regulators have also started to crack down on organizations that don´t take action to ensure compliance. If you know you had a problem and didn´t take action, then the fine will be bigger if discovered at a later stage. At Infotechtion, we offer you two ways to get started without spending a lot of time and energy:

Option 1: Compliance Assessment

Our Compliance Assessment provides you with insights to help you better discover, protect and govern your corporate data. This virtual engagement is spread out over several weeks to allow Compliance Check time to run on top of your M365 tenant and surface data risks within your organization. Compliance Check leverages automated M365 tools and services to discover data stored in the Microsoft cloud and identify potential problem areas.​ ​

Office 365 Compliance Assessment