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Webinar: AI for Intelligent Migrations

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Use Azure Auto-Classification approaches for finding information of value and accelerated migration to cloud.

The key benefits of this approach:

  • Intelligent analysis and migration of large amounts of content

  • Smarter migrations leveraging Azure AI to quickly identify non-compliant or high risk information for remediation

  • Machine models to identify information of value and Records

  • Establish Azure models and decision categories that you can reuse for future migrations and M365 enrichment

Sign up for the webinar September 30th 2021 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 19:00 CET to learn:

  • Azure Cognitive Services like Natural Language Processing and Image Processing

  • Azure Auto-Classification to make content migrations cheaper, faster, and smarter

  • How to establish the business case for replacing network shared drives with M365 and Azure

  • How to plan for success

Azure Auto-classification webinar speakers

Limited spaces available. Sign up now to secure your spot.

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