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Why Manage Microsoft Teams Chats?

Emails have been a primary medium of communication/correspondence for a long time. Many organizations are working towards developing the policies or capabilities to manage governance in emails to meet their compliance and records management commitments.

We are subject to 10 times more emails per day compared to 5 years ago. Whatever the number is, it’s time to rethink the appropriate role of email in our work related collaboration.

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In general, most Microsoft 365 enterprise customers have indicated having policies to manage email effectively, important business information should be discussed or filed outside of user mailboxes.

The introduction of Microsoft Teams is already helping information and record managers build the case for transitioning to Teams conversations to better manage organizational knowledge and apply consistent governance behaviors.

Are you Using the Teams Opportunity?

While Microsoft Teams adoption has opened up opportunities to move users away from email, but lack of governance and guidance to users risks making the situation worse. When we look at the unprecedented rise of Microsoft Teams in the last 12 months, much of it has happened to urgently meet the need to support an increasing remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many enterprises have opened up the use of Teams without thinking of governance and managing user adoption.

As a result, while Microsoft Teams has done exceedingly well in shifting us away from emails to Teams conversations, but much of those conversations are now happening in Microsoft Teams Chats instead of Microsoft Teams Channels.