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Enterprise Records Management Add-On for Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview helps you protect and govern your information, but what do you do if this does not meet all your requirements? Infotechtion Advanced Records Management (i-ARM) embraces and extends Microsoft Purview to meet advanced information governance and records management requirements. 


Infotechtion Advanced Records Management (i-ARM) for Microsoft Purview is the only product which provides an integrated platform for records and information lifecycle management to meet an organisation’s legal and regulatory compliance requirements related to information managed in the Microsoft 365 platform. Infotechtion Advanced Records Management provides enhanced user experiences to simplify the governance of information and records managed while fully leveraging all the capabilities provided by Microsoft Purview.


The key capabilities in our i-ARM solution are as follows:  

  • Workspace Provisioning: We integrate taxonomy, classification, governance, and policies through a well-governed provisioning workflow to create new collaborative workspaces, including Azure storage, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Shared Mailboxes, etc.  

  • Case Management: We provide case management functionality in SharePoint Online with enrichment of properties related to the case (case name, case handler, expiration date etc.), Planner board with set of defined tasks, approval workflows, tracking and monitoring, case archiving, information protection, governance, and data loss prevention. 

  • Universal Retention Connector:  Integrates retention schedule from cloud-based retention tools (e.g. Virgo and IM Policy Center) and maintains and propagates labels across M365 tenant in persistent manner.     

  • Gimmal Records Connector: Publish retention labels from connector to Gimmal Physical & integrate via search. 

  • AI Classification Engine:  This leverages the Microsoft Purview Data Map and Azure Cognitive Services to apply classifications (business, retention, sensitivity) to information and data across a wide range of data sources and across multiple languages and cloud platforms.   

  • Azure Files, Blobs, and Archiving: Software to move file shares to Azure and classify and manage with immutability based on Purview retention labels. 

  • Long-term Auditing and Event Management: Captures M365 events and signals in Azure for long-term audit and reporting.     

  • Dashboard Reporting and Disposition Management: Integrates Purview and tenant information for extended analytics and reporting.  Aggregates records for disposition workflow, review and execution.   

Key Benefits  

  • Native integration with Microsoft 365 through Graph APIs to ensure customer data is secure and meets cyber security and Information risk management requirements.  

  • No overlap with Microsoft native capabilities. Our solutions only exist to improve or enhance the user experience built on native experiences provided by Microsoft 365.  

  • Evergreen model to ensure Infotechtion solution is aligned with the Microsoft 365 roadmap, and changes in Microsoft’s product are supported in Infotechtion solution.  

  • Automation of operational governance by establishing rules / policies through Infotechtion solution, which integrates with Microsoft 365 administrative policies.  

  • Consistent experience consolidating all governance tasks for different user personas accessible through Microsoft SharePoint and Teams interfaces.  

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