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Microsoft Information Governance with Project Cortex

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

An introduction to Project Cortex

Its a new Microsoft 365 product designed to create a knowledge network from enterprise content, managing large volumes of enterprise content through a suite of AI capabilities to analyze content, and extract key information/metadata to connect similar extracted information into logical knowledge topics across Microsoft 365.

Project Cortex is built on existing Microsoft intelligent capabilities such as Microsoft graph and search. Project Cortex reflects all the existing security controls already active within Microsoft 365, and additional controls can be added to the knowledge topics and visibility of information.

Information Governance Opportunities

There is so much to Project Cortex which often makes the entire concept confusing. Hence I have created a simple 3 levels structure for integrating Office 365 Compliance features and Project Cortex capabilities:

1. Enterprise

Project Cortex introduces the concept of 'Topics', these are automatically created based on the information indexed in Microsoft search and Microsoft Graph API signals. This is a great way to make complex technology mainstream by automatically mining and modeling unstructured data. We have already seen this happening with the application of 'live captions' and 'custom backgrounds' in Microsoft Teams. While this is all great, most enterprises will be reluctant to switch these features on at the enterprise level to automatically mine ALL data, we have seen this with the slow and reluctant ad