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Microsoft Podcast: How to start your information governance and records management journey for M365

In this episode, Microsoft speaks with Vivek Bhatt, Chief Technology Officer at Infotechtion, about charting the direction of your information protection and records management journey. Listen in as Vivek and Bhavy discuss the importance of identifying your company's key success factors, developing a roadmap that quickly provides value to your business, and the lessons learned as teams embark on a more modernized approach to information governance.

0:00 Welcome and guest introduction

2:15 How to chart your information governance and records management journey

5:03 Advice for beginning your information governance journey in a remote work environment

8:55 Best practices for bringing people and employees along with the implementation process

13:05 Best practices for developing and deploying a successful information governance strategy

18:10 Quickfire questions

18:50 Thank you and closing

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