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Microsoft Viva & SharePoint Syntex - Automate Information Governance & Compliance

If I were to classify the issues that we hear often with two aspects of content services, then the first one would be about content discovery and the second is content management.

People waste hours every week just trying to find the right information. Information is often found in disparate locations and it is difficult for users to know which tool to use to search the information they are looking for. The result of this is that users often do not feel confident that the results that they get are the single source of truth. This often leads to users having a constant need for context switching between different tools & applications to find the information that they need.

The second aspect of content services is content management. In many organizations a lot of time is still spent on manually managing, and maintaining metadata and taxonomies, to organize and process information. Users have little or no knowledge of how a piece of information should be classified and tagged. Information silos are difficult to secure and ensure compliance on, but also costly and often resource-intensive to maintain. This of course adds to the cost of productivity loss driven by poor search experiences and user dissatisfaction. Data entry is often perceived & in some ways really is labour intensive.

We hear it often from customers that users don’t want to spend time filling up metadata each time they upload a document. Imagine having to read thousands of documents to figure out the metadata. It is both time-consuming and error-prone. While a part of the problem can be managed by supplying default metadata values, not all metadata can get default values, especially when the metadata value is going to be different for each document and is really based on certain values present in the document itself.