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The Business Case for Microsoft Information Governance

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

In the information age, information is an asset that can be used to add value, identify new opportunities, reduce costs, minimize risks. Knowledge workers are information workers that create, collaborate, analyze, and share information, and Information Governance ensures information availability, trustworthiness, and completeness while reducing operational risks and costs. It is a framework to connect people, information, and insights with transparent and inherent compliance and security. For companies to invest in information governance, they need to see the value of it. The more it provides value, the more important it gets.

Information Governance for M365 enables users to easier find and trust information they find, and it minimizes risks by ensuring M365 is compliant with business standards and regulations.

Microsoft Information Governance

What problems do Information Governance solve?

For companies to invest in Information Governance, it needs to solve one or more problems. Without an identified problem, there is no point pitching a solution. Below are some generic questions you can ask to identify the value of Information Governance for M365.