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Multi-Stage Disposition Reviews in M365 Records Management

Disposition reviews are a very important part of Retention and Records Management features. Microsoft 365 Information governance & Records Management workloads have had the ability for information managers / records managers to make sure information goes through a review cycle before its end of life. This process of reviewing information to confirm its deletion is called Disposition Review.

During the process of creating retention / record labels, users were only able to specify a single stage for this review process. There was no ability to make sure that information went through a sequential approval / review before it was finally approved for disposition. Over the years of working with customers, they have reported that this was a necessary requirement for them for certain category of information. This would then require us to recommend customized solution to facilitate this process. This resulted in the following :

  • Additional cost implications

  • Ongoing management of this customization

I am happy to announce that Microsoft has made significant improvements to this process with the new Multi-Stage disposition review feature.

We can now decommission custom workflow solution built around the Microsoft disposition capability. This announcement will enable us to achieve more with Microsoft native product features

Multi-Stage disposition review allows us to specify multiple stages (maximum of five) of disposition reviewers where the information needs to be given a confirmation of disposal by the f