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Planning M365 Information Governance

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you have lots of legacy systems, e.g. file servers / network shared drives, SharePoint on-premise, and Enterprise Content Management systems, then you need to establish your new governance structure for M365 before starting the migration from legacy systems to M365 since this will impact required metadata mapping, access controls, retention design, etc.

Plan for Microsoft 365 Governance

You can manage information well in M365 with the E3 license, while records management and machine learning require one of the E5 add-on licenses. And the costs savings from replacing your legacy systems with M365 may pay for the required E5 add-on licenses.

Infotechtion helps you establish an IG Strategy and Blueprint for M365 Information Governance to improve information availability, trustworthiness, and completeness while reducing operational costs and risks.

Microsoft 365 Information Governance Strategy and Architecture

This is how an M365 Information Governance project plan may look like:

Microsoft 365 Governance Plan

If you already know your governance requirements, and you want to fast-tract the migration from legacy systems to M365, then the plan is modified based on this. Below is an example of this may look like:

Microsoft 365 Governance and Migration Plan

Feel free to contact us to schedule a call to discuss how to best manage information in M365 and fast track the migration, e.g. using Azure AI. Below are some blog post that may be of interest:

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